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Donate For Needy is a charitable organization that helps to people who are in need. The people can’t afford or find enough food for their families or pay for their medical treatment . 

Donate For Needy is a online donation platform which helps to raise money for the people in need. We keep 100% transparency on donations.

Yes, We are an Indian Organization registered under Section 8 of Companies Act 2013. It is Headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana

We work on most pressing & needy causes viz., Children, Differently Abled, Nutrition, Poverty Alleviation & Literacy

Donate For Needy raises funds online from kind donors and supporters. We also partners with individuals, corporates, foundations and trusts in India to raise resources for its and its partner’s charity initiatives. Donate For Needy is fortunate to have a good network of partners who contribute to our organization and its programmes.

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We are happy to clarify any of your queries. Please write to us and we shall revert to your questions.


"One word we must remember always is "Helping". Helping is a great responsibility, but when everybody else is not doing anything to help, we are obliged to step forward"


Yes, for all the Partner initiated programs, you get 80G Tax exemption certificate for your contributions. As per the law, only 50% of your donation amount is eligible for tax exemption


We also support needy individuals, donations received to such initiatives may not be receiving the 80G Tax certificate. Please contact us on email: for all your donations for 80G Tax Certificate.

You can give your contribution by donating money or volunteering with our various programmes. 

All the products that have been obtained during a campaign will be delivered at the end of the campaign. However if the partner or individual requests us, we can deliver the products before the end of the campaign as well.

Normally, we encourage to come and participate. But currently due to rising covid-19 cases we aren’t inviting the donors on the field for distribution.

We are an NGO, a Non-Profit Organization, registered under Section 8 of Companies Act 2013.  

We do charity works and development activities for the under privileged. 

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