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Our primary goal is to help those who cannot afford the basic necessities of life. We do this by providing to their needs and services for things like food, shelter, medical care and education.


Make a difference today

Become a volunteer

A great way to give your time is by becoming a volunteer. Our Partner non-profit organizations need volunteers and are happy to have your help. 

You could organize a fundraiser for them, spend an afternoon helping them, or donate money to them.

Greatest gift that you can give it to someone is Time.

Donate to support

Donations are a great way to help people in need. It is a noble cause to sponsor a poor child or family. 

You can do it by donating money. Go ahead and donate money for those who can’t afford things like food or clothes or shelter or a small dream that they need to live their life


Become a partner

Donate for needy is a social enterprise and a platform that helps the poor and the needy. The organization was created with a mission to end poverty. 

It offers a wide range of services from donating needy products, giving clothes or food to those in need, volunteering or creating awareness about various issues related to poverty.

The goal of this organization is to help as many people as possible


Fundraising for the people and causes you care about

Raising funds for a cause is one of the most important elements in creating social change. There are basic necessities of life that everyone deserves. 

If you are one of such rare soul to raise funds for your donation cause, we are here to help you to publish it here!! Send us your basic details,  we shall get in touch with you!


Our optimistic Team

Satyanarayana Poosala
Founding Member

Satyanarayana Poosala is a man with a heart of gold and has a kind hearted soul which led him to start this foundation. 

He was a Government Retired Officer, heavily involved in humanitarian work, donating funds collected from his businesses to help those in needy

Padma Poosala
Founding Member

Padma Poosala, Retired Teaching Professional is the other founding member and donated generously to different causes helping the poor, widows, orphans and disabled children. 

Padma Poosala has volunteered umpteen times to teach under privileged children and donated funds to many needy people, which have helped them achieve their goals.

Divya Mena
Advisory Board Member

Divya Mena is Post Graduate in MS, with more than a decade of experience in Software Industry. She has been on charity volunteering activities since her college days.

Divya successfully organized campaigns and raised  funds for the needy. She was always proactive and started giving back to society with kindness and generosity that she had learnt from her parents.

Deepthi Vasa
Advisory Board Member

Deepthi Vasa, MDS, a leading prosthodontist is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Her calling was always to the people in need. She conducted many charity dental checkups for the downtrodden & poor.

Deepthi has a good persona and a deep kind heartedness which make her stand out from other people

Suresh Damodaran Entreprenuer

I've been a supporter of donate for needy since its beginning. I am always impressed by their transparency and good management of resources. I'm proud to donate my money to this organization because they give me peace of mind that it's going to the people who need it most.

Abhishek Rathi Marketing Manager

I am a supporter of the charity "donate for needy." The transparency is great and I love that they don't waste any money on marketing. They focus their donations on the right things, which I think is really important.

Sushma Miryala Bank Employee

This is the best charity I have ever donated money to. They are transparent in their work and never fail to communicate the needs of the people. The donations are managed in a way that is honest and always available for public assessment


What our happy donors say !!

When you see a person who is poor and needy, your heart naturally wants to help. You would want to donate money or other resources. Here are few testimonials of our Happy Donors, who are proud & satisfied...


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Let's change the world, Join us now!

Giving your time and energy is more valuable than any other form of donation because without it, nothing will happen.

Volunteering is a great way to donate to the needy.

We are an NGO, a Non-Profit Organization, registered under Section 8 of Companies Act 2013.  

We do charity works and development activities for the under privileged. 

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